Monday, November 17, 2008

The YMBF Honor Roll

So many friends and neighbors have provided support for the music students of El Portal & Yosemite. Listed below are just some of these "local heroes!"

Instrument Donations
Raye Santos - Clarinet
Joanna Cooke - Flute
Dan McDevitt - Clarinet
Phil Stock - Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute
Yosemite Marching Band - Saxophone

Supporters, Patrons, and Benefactors

The Sousaphone Circle - $100+
Margaret Eissler
The Yosemite Marching Band
Anonymous Music Lover ($200!)
El Portal Parent Teacher Group
Janet & Joseph Denapoli

Glockenspiel Groupies - $75+
Ardath & Lefty Kroner

Triumphant Trumpeteers - $50+
Carol Saccomano
Joelle & Tom Orrock

Bassoonifactors $25+
Alexey & Douglas Root (Christmas gift in honor of Mara Dale)
Karen & Paul Amstutz

Piccolo Peeps - $10+
Mark Racioppo

Are you interested in donating your time, instruments, creativity or cash? Email the YMBF (, or send checks to the "Yosemite Marching Band Foundation" - PO Box 111, El Portal, CA 95318

Here's a devoted supporter and Grandma, at YMBF headquarters!
Note - the shoebox....

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