Monday, November 17, 2008

The YMBF Honor Roll

So many friends and neighbors have provided support for the music students of El Portal & Yosemite. Listed below are just some of these "local heroes!"

Instrument Donations
Raye Santos - Clarinet
Joanna Cooke - Flute
Dan McDevitt - Clarinet
Phil Stock - Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute
Yosemite Marching Band - Saxophone

Supporters, Patrons, and Benefactors

The Sousaphone Circle - $100+
Margaret Eissler
The Yosemite Marching Band
Anonymous Music Lover ($200!)
El Portal Parent Teacher Group
Janet & Joseph Denapoli

Glockenspiel Groupies - $75+
Ardath & Lefty Kroner

Triumphant Trumpeteers - $50+
Carol Saccomano
Joelle & Tom Orrock

Bassoonifactors $25+
Alexey & Douglas Root (Christmas gift in honor of Mara Dale)
Karen & Paul Amstutz

Piccolo Peeps - $10+
Mark Racioppo

Are you interested in donating your time, instruments, creativity or cash? Email the YMBF (, or send checks to the "Yosemite Marching Band Foundation" - PO Box 111, El Portal, CA 95318

Here's a devoted supporter and Grandma, at YMBF headquarters!
Note - the shoebox....

The Shoebox...

The YMBF was born in a shoebox. In fact, it's lived in the shoebox for about 3 years now. When the YMB produced their first film, everyone wanted a DVD. Donations were accepted with the understanding that proceeds would "benefit local schools." So we gathered the funds, and, not wanting to just put them in a sock under the mattress, instead stored them safely in a shoebox... We always thought the cash on hand would be used for a new spectacularly expensive replacement bulb for the El Portal School's fancy LCD projector...

Well, we've been waiting for 3 years for a bulb to blow up, and it hasn't happened yet! Instead of continuing to add to the dust layer on the shoebox, the YMB decided to meet a local need that actually is related to Marching Bands. Now we will fix up donated instruments, and rent them cheaply to local students.

Do you have a good quality horn to donate? Perhaps a lovely bassoon or oboe languishing away in your closet? Actually the School Band is most interested in Clarinets, Saxophones, and Flutes. None of the student instruments will be hauled up El Cap, or bludgeoned on a raft trip down the Merced River... We Promise!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The YMBF is Born!

Ahhh... what to do with all our free time?

We haven't put out a new Yosemite Marching Band film in a year or two... I've ironed and pressed the YMB uniforms twice, and even preened the blue feathers on our silly hats... Our Tuba Player is heading to China for a month, so we won't be holding practices for awhile... The roof isn't leaking... what to do?

Hey! Why not start up a foundation to provide horns, tooters, and twizzlers for the local kid's school band program!?! That's it! Drive long distances to faraway music stores! Learn how to clean and lube flutes, clarinets and saxophones! Spend late nights on Ebay shopping for real instruments so our children can continue pursuing unusual acoustic challenges!

Yes... the YMBF is born!